Living Room Art to Hang at Home

Gallery wall of artworks at home

It’s the little things that make your home as comfortable as it is—the warm lamp light and cozy blanket. But having a statement piece in your living room also matters, something so eye-catching that everyone takes notice.

And one of the easiest statements you can make is through art. Artwork dramatically changes the atmosphere and mood of your house, but what kind of art should you add?

Let’s explore the tips on choosing art for your living room that makes it stylish and inviting.

Hanging Wall Art

It’s always in trend to hang wall art on bare walls, no matter how big or little the item. The kind you decide on is entirely up to you. However, we appreciate a nice abstract piece for a stunning visual component.

The effect of a message increases with the size of the wall art. Any style and setting may accommodate this timeless aesthetic.

Make sure the wall art you choose is the same size as your sofa, console table, or other pieces of furniture you will hang over it, if not smaller.

Leaning Wall Art

Leaning a large (or small) piece of artwork against a wall is another choice if you want to try something unusual. Especially when positioned asymmetrically behind a sofa, a leaning work of art is simple and stylish.

For added depth and complexity, wall art may be stacked with other pieces and allowed to lie on the floor or atop a shelf. The leaning version is fantastic for a living area that won’t seem too empty or wall space too barren.

Gallery Walls

A gallery wall consists of several pieces of art arranged in a group and hung on the wall. The beautiful thing about gallery walls is that you can showcase your unique, storied style with various sizes and themes.

Your living area will seem layered and well-traveled. You may create this style with art collections or create your own using various single pieces you adore to form a coherent tale.


We are delighted that the wallpaper is back. Try some to make a statement if you have a tiny living space or simply admire the coordinated effect that wallpaper can create.

Select wallpaper that will complement the furniture and another décor in the room. It’s a fantastic vehicle to express your unique artistic taste and love for color.

Mirrors as Wall Decor

Yes, mirrors are useful! They make small places look more extensive and offer the essential last-minute check before we head out the door. But wall mirrors may also function as pieces of art.

The same guidelines apply to large-scale works of art and mirrors: make sure it isn’t longer than the sofa if you’re hanging one over it.

When decorating your living room, think about the locations a mirror may hang. Above an accent chair, next to a piece of wall art, or above the fireplace.

In any case, it will reflect light and make your living room appear more spacious. Instead of more conventional wall décor, consider a sculptural mirror or one incorporated into a gallery wall.

Tapestries and Wall Hangings

We adore the woven wall hanging trend for many reasons, including the instant bohemian atmosphere, the relaxed, natural aesthetic it offers, and the simplicity of hanging.

These non-intrusive pieces fit in just about everywhere. You may hang something above the couch or in the living room’s corner to give the space a more minimalist feel.

Dimensional Wall Art

If you want to go outside the bounds of a traditional flat canvas, consider hanging three-dimensional wall sculptures in the space.

These can make a bold statement in any setting. It’s a fantastic method to give texture and depth to a gallery wall or an otherwise blank wall.

Choose the Right Living Room Art with ArtBlok

The best art to hang in your living room is whatever makes you happy and brings your family joy.

From classic landscape paintings to modern abstract canvases, there really is no wrong answer when it comes to decorating walls.

So find something that sparks creativity and conversation, and let the art reflect who you are!Here at Artblok, we want to help you decorate your home with the best art. Let our team of professionals assist you in finding suitable artwork for your living room that matches your taste and personality. Explore Artblok today.