How to Arrange Art on a Wall

When trying to make the most of your available wall space and spice things up with a couple of thoughtfully selected and arranged artwork, there are some key things to keep in mind. Knowing how to arrange art on a wall includes artistic flare, design insight, and personal preference. But some industry insights and tips can make the process easier and help you get the results you are looking for. Let’s take a look now!

Wall Art to Create a Mood

The first step in learning how to arrange art on a wall in your home is to consider the feeling and mood you want to spark in your room. There are many options for arranging specific pieces and filling in your wall space. However, these fall into two general categories- symmetric and asymmetrical.  As highlighted by ArtMerit, “Investing in symmetrical, grid-like art formations can evoke a clean, crisp and formal feel, whereas flexible, asymmetrical arrangements can be a little more edgy and off-the-cuff.” Let’s look at how to implement both of these styles in your home!

How to Arrange Art on a Wall Symmetrically

Arrange Art on a Wall Symmetrically

For symmetrical formations on your walls, consider looking into the theory of threes or a four-grid layout. You can keep lines of symmetry easily by placing three equally shaped pieces in a straight line. This can be done horizontally, or for a little more unique flare, the line can be positioned vertically. Another option is to make square shapes with the artwork and repeat the square form over and over as you cover your wall space. A final tip for symmetrical hangings, keep an even and tight spacing between them because the less ‘dead space’ there is, the tighter and more uniform the arrangement will look.

How to Arrange Art on a Wall Asymmetrically

Arrange Art on a Wall Asymmetrically

In its most simplistic form, asymmetrical is the opposite of symmetrical. It is often referred to as organized imbalance. For more asymmetrical arrangements, knowing how to arrange art on a wall is easier in some ways because you have greater freedom and flow of how the arrangement will tun out. You can put one large painting on one side and several smaller ones on the other side to balance things out without it being a perfect mirror arrangement. You can set pieces at an angle, put wall art on a slant, and be creative with the layout, which is why asymmetrical layouts are so popular.

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Arranging wall art is a very unique and personalized process. Ultimately though, it is all about presentation and art piece selection. Once you have an idea of how much space you have to work with and what kind of wall art you want to hang, you can start your search for the perfect piece of art. At Artblok we are proud to offer the latest in quality wall art with unique pieces you cannot find anywhere else. We also have helpful tips and expert advice to help you get the most out of your artwork. So, whether you have questions about arranging art on a wall, choosing a piece of wall art, or why art is important in our lives, all of the answers are available here at Artblok. We look forward to talking with you soon!