Inspiring Disabled Artists That You Need to Know About

It has long been known that art, both looking at it and creating it, can have a substantial and positive impact on a person’s mental and physical well-being. Regardless of the emotional, physical, intellectual, or mental limitations, people can create art that is unique to them and enjoy the benefits that come from it. Disabled artists can improve their own lives and the lives of others by being creative and making art of their own.

Disabled Artists Inspire and Motivate

According to the Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation, “Since art is infinite and unconditional, people with disabilities are free to express themselves without physical, social, or attitudinal barriers. The arts enhance lives in many ways. They improve both personal and academic success, from the beginning of a child’s education through the time of adulthood and career… These findings underscore the value of the arts in positively shaping the lives of all people, including people with disabilities.” These individuals inspire and show us all the power of human determination, passion, and creativity, allowing us to make the most of the key connections artwork carries.

Be inspired by the amazing stories of determination and passion as told by disabled artists through their art.
Disabled artist – a source of inspiration.

20 Artists With Disabilities You Need to Check Out 

Disabled artists who overcome great disabilities daily to make art are a source of motivation and inspiration for the rest of us. With this in mind, here are 20 artists who did not let their disabilities hold them back:

  1. Joni Erickson Tada- She was paralyzed from the neck down after a diving accident and became a paraplegic. She learned to paint with her mouth and became a well-known artist.
  2. Doug Jackson- Suffered from the effects of cerebral palsy and its limitations on his movement and body control. As a disabled artist, he paints with a special headband to hold his brushes for him.
  3. Mariusz Kedzierski -Was born with most of both arms missing above the elbows. He loved art as a child and taught himself to paint, and now he paints and sells his paintings to others.
  4. Stephen Wiltshire- Diagnosed as autistic at a young age, Stephen has a photographic memory. He uses this skill to recreate massive paintings of skylines almost entirely from memory.
  5. Paul Smith- A senior who’s lived most of his life with cerebral palsy, he has a unique tool for his art. Paul uses a typewriter to make stunning pieces of art using repeated letters and symbols.
  6. Peter Longstaff – Born with no arms and with a passion for art and creating things, he learned to paint with his feet. His amazing photos stun and inspire all who know his story.
  7. John Bramblitt- Declared legally blind with only basic light and shadow differentiation, John still allows himself to be creative. He uses textured paints to make stunning paintings and artwork.
  8. JC Sheitan Tenet- A tattoo artist who lost his dominant arm in an accident. JC made a prosthetic arm with a built-in tattoo gun to continue creating stunning tattoo art for people.
  9. Doug Landis – Doug was paralyzed from the neck down in a wrestling match. During his recovery, he learned to paint with his mouth using specially designed paintbrushes.
  10. Annette Gabbedey- Annette is a creative individual and loves making artwork of all kinds. She makes stunning handmade jewelry despite being born with no fingers on both hands.
  11. Tommy Hollenstein- After an accident left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, Tommy kept on making art. He uses his wheelchair to make art on massive canvases laid on the floor.
  12. Dhiraj Satavilkar- Despite being born without arms, this creative individual didn’t let that stop his inner artist. Dhiraj uses his feet to sculpt stunning clay pieces of various sizes.
  13. Brian Tagalog- Born with no arms, Brian has a unique distinction in the art community. He is the only certified armless tattoo artist in the world and is still active in his craft.
  14. Helen Rae- Helen is a deaf and mute artist and is known for the pieces she creates and their bold colors and styles. Her unique paintings are of her view of the world as a disabled artist.
  15. Aaron McPeake- Choosing a unique media to work with, this blind artist chose metalworking for his craft. He uses touch and sound to shape and mold metal and makes stunning art.
  16. Bogdan Tomashevsky- This disabled artist uses everyday items to battle multiple sclerosis and keep his body and mind sharp. Clay, paint, wood, rocks, pebbles, and more become his canvas.  
  17. Dilan Aydemir- With a unique outlook on the world, Dilan is a disabled multimedia artist who loves to be creative. She presents the world through her disability so others can see it too.
  18. Juan delGado- This multiple-medium artist focuses on themes with a personal connection to him and other disabled artists. Themes include trauma, recovery, and introspection, among others.
  19. Olivier Jamin- A deaf artist, this creative genius specializes in ‘trick of the eye’ and multiple media pieces. His stunning pieces are jaw-dropping and contain multiple levels of discovery and wonder.
  20. Tanya Raabe-Webber – Making art about and for disabled artists is a passion of Tanya. This artist remains vocal about promoting disabled artists and venues for this unique artwork niche.

Support Disabled Artists

There are many more stunning and awe-inspiring examples of disabled artists who make the world a brighter and more beautiful place. Obviously, their stories are inspirational, and their artwork is amazing. Promoting and supporting artists with unique disabilities and inscriptions is just part of what Artblok is all about!