A World Without Art? 

Any creative expression generally thought of as ‘art’ can tremendously impact people. Making art is beneficial for everyone! It has been used to help autistic children communicate, aid in the recovery of addicts, speed improvement in stroke patients, and much more. How would things be different in a world without art? It would be a vastly different world from what we live in today.

As highlighted by a “The Whole U” article, art has aided communication among the earliest of our human ancestors. It has also been a way to cope and process stress and trauma during some of the darkest and most tragic periods of human history. Cave paintings created by the earliest humans to walk the planet showed day-to-day life. And art made in the middle of concentration and death camps during global wars preserved critical periods of history. The benefits of having art, in any form, in our lives have been clearly noted and demonstrated throughout the decades.

Imagine a world without art. No creativity, no beauty, no inspiratoin.
Art makes the world a better place indeed.

Despite the long and rich history humans have with creative expressions, we are still learning the true extent of art’s impact on us mentally.  A world without art would be bank and colorless, but there would also be other effects to contend with. Understanding this requires us to know how the brain is affected by art:

Lowers Stress and Improves Mood

The branch of medical science known as therapy is still relatively new and is still being studied and better understood. One thing that is clear, however, is that many studies are showing that art therapy can significantly reduce stress levels in those engaging in creative projects regularly. Creating art seems to lower cortisol levels, sometimes quite significantly, in people who engage in creative arts. These results are the same in those who consider themselves to be artists or creative and those who do not. This means that everyone can benefit from making art regardless of perceived or actual skill level.

Deepens Mental Focus and Sharpness

Art allows people to disconnect from the world and get into a better mental, physical, and even spiritual space. Some describe this as entering a “flow state,” or that feeling where all sense of yourself and of time itself is reduced. Creating art of any kind can help you get in touch with your mind and body wherever you are. No outside worries or pressures, rules, dictations, and constraints exist when you are creating. You can deepen your mental focus and connect with yourself on another level. Just as mental clarity and sharpness improve during meditation, the same can happen when making art.

Improves Overall Emotional Control

Connecting with ourselves at a deeper level through art can help anyone improve their emotional control and awareness. Art allows you to express feelings and memories in ways other than words. It could be a painting that reflects the anger and fear we feel inside. Or it might be a piece of art that echoes the joy and light we feel inside. Or it might be something that fits our emotions and mood at any given moment. Whatever form it takes, creating that art allows us to face those emotions, deal with them, and use them to make something beautiful. Making art is a very unique and personal experience that is wholly ours.

Say No to a World Without Art

Without art, we as a society and as individuals would likely be much more depressed, nervous, isolated, moody, and stressed. In a study conducted by Professor Semir Zeki, from the University College London, the effects of art on the brain were studied in detail.

Participants underwent brain scans while looking at pictures of various pieces of art and engaging in artistic-focused activities. It was shown that the blood flow to the area of the brain known as the pleasure center increased by as much as ten percent. This is the same as when they were shown photos of their loved ones. 

As we learn more about art and how it affects the brain and our overall health, one thing is clear. A world without art would be an unfortunate and sad world indeed! Check out Artblok and the fantastic art pieces available today, and enjoy the benefits of art for yourself daily!