5 Amazing Benefits of Art for Kids

A lot has changed in schools across the country in the last few decades, some good and some not so good. One of the more questionable decisions has been the trend of schools phasing out art and art-related classes and activities from the curriculum. This is a sad state of affairs because countless studies and school reviews have shown that art is significant for children’s physical, mental, and emotional development. Here are five amazing benefits of art for kids that you probably didn’t know about!

Improves Skills Needed Later in Life

Introducing kids to art and letting them make art of their own at an early age can help them later in life. Everything from color recognition to fine motor skills to cognitive processes and memory improvement can stem from letting kids be creative. Learning to control a brush or pencil, combining shapes and colors, outing their mental thoughts onto paper, and learning to imagine and create will make it easier or them to learn life skills they will rely on as teens and adults.

Gives Them a Voice Beyond Words

Art has also been shown to be a powerful tool in helping kids learn to communicate. This is especially true for young children who cannot speak well yet and for those with disabilities and conditions such as autism that can make everyday speech difficult. Art for kids at an early age can help them find more ways to express themselves, communicate with others, and engage with the world around them. Art gives them a new way to voice their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Promotes Innovation and Creativity

Creativity is often called the spark of life; for many children, that first foray into creativity is art. Finger painting, coloring, drawing, and other primary art forms children engage in set the stage for greater creativity down the road. It lets them be innovative with how they think about abstract concepts and how they interpret the world around them. Art for kids is a great way to encourage independent thinking and decision-making as well.

Improves Self-Esteem and Confidence

Young children learn by doing and by copying others until they can get it right. Using art in their manner can help children quickly gain confidence and keep their self-esteem high. Creating something all on their own, something beautiful and unique, it can be quite the confidence and mood booster, which is precisely what children need to have a lifelong love of learning and discovery. Letting kids create and make their own artwork can help them grow.

Encourages Socialization and Bonding

The final benefit of art for kids is how it can help them develop socially. While making art can be a very personal process that is unique to each child, the act of sharing art and talking about the elements of art can be a very social experience. Art classes allow kids to learn from their peers and share ideas and creative inspiration. It can also help them engage with others as they discuss their creations, learn from each other, and discover new styles to consider.

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